Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordy Wednesday--Wacky Words!

 In my language arts series for grades two through twelve, I have a weekly lesson called "Wacky Words." (Yeah, I'm all about alliteration. Um, Language Lady??!!) Anyway, the title fits a little better than calling them homophone lessons because not all confusing word are true homophones. Some are just, well, confusing--and wacky!

Here are some tricks and tips I have used recently in a  Wacky Word lesson. Maybe some of these will help you remember which word is which (not witch!).  Smile...

  1. Hear—There is an ear in hear.
  2. Here—There is not an ear in here.
  3. There—It is here and there. There is a here in there!
  4. Their—The word heir, which can mean ownership, is in the    word their, and their is a pronoun that shows ownership!
  5. See—Do you see two eyes in the word see ?
  6. Boar--Boar has an a and is an animal.
  7. Then--Then has an e and means next. According to one of my students (Isaac!), then means when.
  8. Isle-- Isle is like the word island.
  9. Chord--Chord has an h like chorus (both musical).
10. Compliment--Compliment has an i--I like compliments.
11. Sensor--Sensor relates to the senses.
12. HerdHerd of deer—almost the same letters in a different order!
13. Heard—Heard has the word ear in it
14. Through---It is rough when you go through hard times
15. Threw— He threw a new screw.
16. Pair—Love is in the air for this loving pair.
17. Pare—After he caught it, he was gong to pare the hare.
18. Pear—A pear half looks like an ear—and has the word ear in it.
19. Desert—has one s and you only want to be stuck in the desert one time!
20. Dessert—has two s’—and you want two desserts!
21. Main—The main (for first) murderer was Cain—both spelled ain.
22. Mane—The lion has a mane and is not tame!
23. Its—pronoun that shows ownership—never use an apostrophe to show ownership to a pronoun; that makes a contraction.
24. It’s—always say the two words uncontracted---if you say it is when you see this word, you will never use it’s for possession—the dog lost it’s (it is!?) collar—WRONG.
25. Sense— He was tense, so he lost his sense.
26. Cents—There are one hundred cents in a dollar and one hundred years in a century.
27. Since— Since the prince was tense he began to wince.
28. Presence— Can you think of a trick?
29. Present—have you ever heard the saying that “the present is a true present”?

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