Friday, April 19, 2013

Advice vs. Advise

Would you take adviCe from this guy? Or do you like to have more sophisticated people adviSe you?

Anybody out there tired of seeing people give other people adviSe (zuh--wrong one!) and trying to adviCe (suh--wrong one!) them? Yeah, me too.

Generally speaking, when you have two word choices with C and S as their options for spelling, it is because you need two completely different sounds:

-adviCe---The c is here because this word needs the soft sound of C (suh)

-adviSe--The s is here because this word needs the hard sound of s (zuh)

Remember: When a c is followed by an e, i, or y, it usually says its soft sound--suh.

Also remember that when a multi-syllable word has se in it as the end of a syllable, it often makes the zuh sound: please, wise, fuse, close, etc. (though certainly not always).

The real key is that there ARE two spellings--and one is the noun and is soft (adviCe) and one is the verb and is hard (adviSe).

When you set out to adviSe somebody, be sure you have enough wisdom to give sound adviCe..... :)

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