Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WORDY WEDNESDAY: Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots, Oh My!

 When Joshua and I teach vocabulary, we try to do a few things:

1. Relate the word to anything we think the students might already know. ("Aquaduct? Well, you know what aquatic means, don't you?")

Of course, this is where we say, "You know more than you think you know!"

2. We ask the students if they can tell us anything about the word based on the context. Is it happy or sad? Is there a word near that word that helps you?

3. We help them examine the type of word it is. We say over and over to them that OUS words are often adjectives (delicious) and ATE words can often be verbs.

4. We help the students examine roots and affixes.
    a. Prefix--an affix ("stuck on") to the beginning of a word
    b. Suffix--affix added to the end of a word

We also give the students tools all the time. Below is a list of prefixes and suffixes that we give to our students and discuss with them, along with their meanings.

Be a lifelong student! If you are an adult, these vocabulary tips will still help you every day.

(a)   GEN--birth, race, kind
generous, generate, generation, geneology, gender

(b)   DIC, DICT, DIT--tell, say, word
dictate, verdict, edict, contradict, predict, diction, indict

(c)    SPEC, SPIC, SPIT--look, see
perspective, aspect, spectator, spectacle, suspect   
(d)   SUPER, SUR, SUM—above
surpass, summit, supersede, superstition

(e)   TENT, TENS, TEND, TENU--stretch, thin
tension, extend, tendency, tendon, tent, distend

(f)     TRANS—across
transfer, transient, transitory, transgress, transport

(g)   DOC, DUC, DAC--teach, lead
conduct, document, doctrine, induce, indoctrinate

(h)   CO, CON, COM-with, together
company, collaborate, comply, congruent,

(i)     VERS, VERT—turn
convert, revert, subvert, divert, diverse, extrovert, versatile

(j)     LOC, LOG, LOQU--word, speech
eloquent, logic, apology, monologue, dialogue, prologue

(k)   SEN--feel, sense
sensitive, sensation, consent, dissent, assent, sentiment        
(l)     DE--away, down, off
denounce, defraud, decry, deplete, devoid, defile

(m) NOM, NOUN, NOWN, NAM, NYM--name, order, rule
anonymous, nominate, renounce, renown, misnomer         
(n)   CLA, CLO, CLU--shut, close
closet, enclose, disclose, include, conclude, seclude

(o)   VO, VOC, VOK, VOW—call
vocal, advocate, vocation, convoke, revoke, avow         
(p)   MAL--bad
malicious, malady, dismal, malign, malevolent

(q)   FRA, FRAC, FRAG—break
fracture, fraction, fragment, fragile, frail, fractious          
(r)    OB—against
objective, obsolete, obscure, obstruct, obstinate

(s)    SUB—under
submissive, subordinate, sublime, subtle, subversion       
(t)     AB--from, away 
abandon, abhor, abstain, absolve, abstruse, abstract 

(u)   GRESS, GRAD—step
progress, regress, gradual, digress, degrade, transgress

(v)   SEC, SEQU—follow
second, sequel, sequence, consequence, prosecute

(w)  PRO--much, for, a lot
prolific, profuse, prodigal, prtracted, prodigy, propensity     
(x)   QUE, QUIS--ask, seek
inquire, question, request, quest, query, acquire, querulous 

(y)   SACR, SANCT, SECR—sacred
sacrifice, sanctuary, sanctify, sanction, consecrate

(z)    SCRIB, SCRIP—write
scribble, describe, script, prescribe, ascribe, inscribe 

(aa)  PATHY, PAS, PAT—feeling
apathy, sympathy, empathy, antipathy, passionate

(bb)  DIS, DIF—not
disdain, dissuade, dismay, disparate, disparage

(cc) CIRCU—around
circumference, circulation, circumstances, circumvent 

(dd) NON, UN, IN, AN, A--no or not
nonviolent, uncooperative, inappreciative, anonymous 

(ee) AD--to       
adhere, adjective, addict, adverb                       

(ff)  INFRA—below
infrastructure, infraction, infrared, infra-bass

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