Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three Writing Strategies: SSS5X3, Redundancy on Purpose, and Repeating Sentence Structures

We teach three writing strategies in our books that I just heard used wonderfully together in Michael Connelly's new novel (The Black Box). (I listen to fiction sometimes while I clean, drive, edit, etc., since time is short here!)

"The store owners shot looters. The National Guardsmen shot looters. And looters shot looters."

Three elements to try to incorporate in your writing this week:

1. SSS5 x 3---Super Short Sentence of Five Words or Fewer Three Times in a Row

2. Redundancy on Purpose! Way cool when redundancy (repeating the same words) is done on purpose!)

3. Repeating sentence structure--Subject-Verb-Object Pattern

Try one--or all three--this week!

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