Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Writing Feedback for Students: They are TRIFF!

If you are a writing teacher, use your feedback on students' papers to point out advanced techniques done correctly. Sometimes students write without realizing that they are doing some cool things in their writing.

For example, here are some comments I have just made on a couple of students' papers in order to even use grading time as teaching time:

*Superb compound-complex sentence!
*Another great appositive
*Love this CS; CA, CS
*Thanks for remembering that periods always go inside closing quotation marks in the US
*Great details...I appreciate you putting at least two pieces of information in each sentence!
*Love this informative opening paragraph with its strong link to the body and its MYSTERY!
*Cool vocab in this sentence!
*Perfect personification! :)
*Love this allieration!

Happy teaching, learning, and grammar today, LL friends!

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