Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conjunctive Adverb Blues

One of my junior high language arts classes meeting around my dining room table. I love teaching!

One of my high school classes recently had to use fifteen conjunctive adverbs in sentences. One of my students got very creative! Here are her sentences:

Alas, I have been assigned to write fifteen sentences with conjunctive adverbs in them. So, then I thought, Fifteen? In fact, that's crazy! In spite of this crazy assignment, I still have to do it. At the same time, I understand that it is beneficial for my English learning experience. Nonetheless, I still think fifteen is a bit much. Perhaps Mrs. Reish thinks I that I will be a "conjunctive adverbologist" some day. Then, I have news for you! Eventually, I plan on becoming a photographer. On the other hand, I love working with animals, so maybe I'll become a veterinarian. However, I hate needles,so maybe that is not best for me. Besides, I'm already taking a photography class. No matter how persuasive Mrs. Reish can be, nothing whatsoever can change my mind! Anyway, I don't need to use conjunctive adverbs. Thus, there is no point in writing fifteen sentences about them. As a result....wait! What?! In spite of all my complaining, I've done it? On the contrary, I thought I was pretty bad at all this. As a result, I might become a "conjunctive adverbologist" after all!

Thanks, Sydney Joe Puckett! You are inspiring! :)

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