Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reader's Pick or Readers' Pick?

Is Five Guys only ONE Reader's Pick? If many readers picked it, it should say Readers' Pick.....wish I had, had my purple editing pen with me!

P.S. Don't second guess on possessives all the time:

1. Write the word you want to make possessive first without even thinking about the possessive part {Readers}
2. Then ask yourself, "Does it end in an s?" {Don't overthink this step and start asking yourself if it's plural, etc....just focus on the final letter in the word.}.
3.  If it ends in an s, simply put an apostrophe on the outside of the s. If it does NOT end in an s, put an 's.


1. One reader picked it--the pick belongs to the one reader: reader's pick
2. Many readers picked it--the pick belongs to many readers: readers' pick
3. One dog owns the yard--the yard belongs to one dog: dog's yard
4. Two dogs own the yard--the yard belongs to two dogs: dogs' yard


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