Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Holidays


I am adding a new little feature to LL 365--the holidays for that month capitalized and punctated properly (well, relatively so!). Many holidays come and people wonder, "Do you cap Day in Thanksgiving Day?" "Do you show possession to Fool in April Fools Day?" etc. etc.

So...for the next few weeks...a list of holidays punctuated and capitalized as correctly as I found! Note that different style guides (i.e. Associated Press vs. Modern Language Association, etc.) choose to punctuate and capitalize lesser known (National Kool-Aid Day!) or newer things (i.e. email vs. e-mail) differently. In those cases, it is truly a style preference rather than a hard and fast rule. So....Happy April...I mean, happy April! :) And definitely, Happy Easter!

All Fool’s Day/April Fools Day

Daylight Savings Time

Palm Sunday


Good Friday


Easter Monday

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