Thursday, April 7, 2011

day 84: national poetry month part ii of ii

April is National Poetry Month, a month-long celebration of poetry throughout the United States! This event was founded by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 in order to wide the attention of individuals and the media to poetry: the art of it, our poetic heritage, poetry books, living poets, and more.

Below are some links to activities and more for this month’s poetry focus. Don’t forget LL 365 wants to publish some poetry! Inbox me or email it to ! Be sure to include your name along with your poem.

1. ( ) lists thirty ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, including carrying a poem in your pocket that you can share with others, putting a poem in someone’s lunch box, reciting a poem to friends and family, organizing a poetry reading, buying a new book of poetry, donating a book of poetry to your library, and more.

2. If you are a teacher, incorporate poetry into your classroom:
a.     Even content area teachers can find poems relating to health, social studies, and science. Integrate the language arts area of poetry with your area of expertise!
b.     Read a poem aloud to your students each class day during April.
c.     Require each of your students to memorize a poem this month.
d.     Have each student type his favorite poem, including its author—print and compile these into a booklet to give to each student.
e.     Hold a poetry contest.

Join us tomorrow for a “poetry challenge”! J

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