Tuesday, April 26, 2011

day 96: 2011 poet’s market

National Poetry month (http://languagelady365.blogspot.com/2011/04/day-83-national-poetry-month-part-i-of.html ) is coming to a close in a few days, and I haven’t gotten around to all of the poetry-related posts that I wanted to do, so I will try to squeeze them in here yet this week—and then we will get back to rise/raise. Honest!

First of all, I want to share a link to an awesome poetry handbook for those desiring to sell their poetry. It is put out by Writer’s Digest Books (lots of goodies from them!), those folks who put out the Writer’s Market and other “market” books for selling writing.

From the back of this helpful “sales” book:

*Features on the realities of poetry publishing, mistakes to avoid, identifying scams, giving great readings, and promoting your work.

*Information on workshops, organizations, and online resources that help poets perfect their skills and network with fellow poets and editors.

*Thorough indexes to make choosing the best potential markets easier.

*Access to all “Poet’s Market” listings in a searchable online database.

I haven’t sold a lot of poetry—just a few for review to Blue Mountain Art and a few here and there for Christian newsletters and magazines. However, I would love to have more time to spend on this (probably not happening since I am working on my thirty-fourth curriculum book right now!). For those who enjoy writing poetry, I say, go for it! Seeing your poetry published is extremely rewarding—and to be able to motivate, inspire, uplift, challenge, or humor someone through your words is incredible!

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