Wednesday, April 13, 2011

day 88: rise, lie, sit overview

Moving on from National Poetry Month--though if someone would like to send poetry, I will still publish it until the end of April.

With Easter so close, I thought we would look at a tricky Wacky Word pair--rise and raise (followed by sit and set and lie and lay since you really should learn them together, if possible).

First, an overview:

Rise and sit have I's--and lie does too.
"Coz these are things that I, all by myself, can do.
Raise, set, and lay are words that you choose
When each one has an object after it to use.

What does that mean? It means that I and rIse, I can sIt, and I can lIe without any object.

But I raise something; I set something; and I lay something....

More tomorrow...then one at a time. These are confusing ones, but with LL's tips and tricks, you will be raising your head high, sitting with grammarians with confidence, laying your dictionary aside, rising up to the occasion, setting the stage for future success, and lying down at night, knowing that you understand lie, rise, and sit! :)

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