Tuesday, April 12, 2011

day 87: poetry challenge

We never had any takers for our poetry challenge! I put together a short stanza...but not real happy with it. I will share it below (and swallow my pride!). As my daughter likes to say, "Something is definitely wrong with that iambic pentameter!" LOL!

Still hoping for more poetry! Send it in! We're going to go back to tips very soon, so stay tuned..and invite your friends to join us!

I have bold fonted the words I chose from the list.

Such benevolence we will never know again,
Such a life that was given to us by Him.
So forsaken, oh so cruel the treatment of our Lord,
On Calvary, oblivious to Self, gave eternity to the world.
Will we trust this Savior, who rose on Sunday morn?
Will we trust the gift bestowed—a chance to be reborn?

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