Monday, January 10, 2011

day 10: free kaplan download

Tomorrow we will continue with tips for unlocking words with prefixes and suffixes, as well as a mini lesson on root words. However, the following note came through one of my message boards, and since it is time-sensitive, I wanted to pass it on to you right away. (I do not have an i-pod, etc. to download, so if it doesn’t work, please let me know!)

Kaplan is one of the companies that produces many of the SAT/ACT study guides, among many others. (My daughter is studying for the master's entrance right now, and Kaplan publishes the GRE study books for that too.) Even if you do not think you will use it right away, most of the SAT/ACT type books are applicable for a couple of years, at least.


Barnes and Noble is offering over 130 ebooks published by Kaplan for free

download until January 17. Once you download the books, they are yours

forever, but you must download before Jan 17 to get them for free.

These include many AP class study guides as well as SAT, ASVAB (military

entrance), including graduate programs and etc.

You do need to create an account at (free), then

search for Kaplan, in nook books (ebooks) and select the download now button

for the books you are interested in.

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