Wednesday, January 19, 2011

day 18: i “wonder” as i “wander”

In that old hymn, “I Wonder as I Wander,” is the writer thinking while he meanders or meanders while he’s thinking?

When Winnie the Pooh would rather be wondering, would he rather be thinking or would he rather be meandering?

These age-old questions can now be answered—with a quick tip from LL 365!
  1. Wonder is spelled like ponder—and means the same thing—to think
  2. Wander is spelled like land—and you wANDer all over the lAND—you roam around (or meander)
Another quick tip—wander has an A in it and Area has an A in it—you wAnder around an Area…

Tricky Tricks to Help It Stick
  1. wONDER—pONDER—think
  2. wANDer—lAND—roam the land

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