Monday, January 17, 2011

day 17: pop quiz—allude, elude, allusion, illusion

  1. The word was so allusive/elusive; it just wouldn’t come to me.
  2. He made an illusion/allusion/elusion to our previous conversation.
  3. The ride gives you the allusion/illusion that you are on a mountain top.
  4. I excluded the word from the program because its spelling alluded/eluded me.
  5. What did he elude/allude to?
  6. They used Kleenexes to give you the allusion/illusion of fabric.
  7. What he alluded/eluded to was ludicrous!
  8. What was his illusion/allusion to your situation?
  9. Allusion/illusion is related to hallucination.
  10. He made an elusion/allusion to our previous conversation.

Answer Key with hints coming tomorrow! Smile…

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