Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 21: further vs farther

January is "word" month here at Language Lady 365, so today I have another Wacky Word pair for you...and more"Tricky Tricks to Help It Stick"!

Do you know when to use further? How about when to use farther? Most people do not--I know I didn't know until I began writing language arts books!

Here's the scoop:

1. Farther is for going distances: I ran farther than he did OR He drove farther than I did.
2. Further is for other uses, such as thinking or understanding: Let me explain this further.

Of course, I have "Tricky Tricks to Help It Stick":

1. fArther--has an A in it and is for Area...distances
2. fUrther--has a U in it and is for Understanding (you further your thinking or go further in college or make your point further..)

Hope this helps! Don't forget to join us next week for "Homework Help" here at LL 365!

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