Thursday, January 13, 2011

days 13 & 14: roots and affixes list

I am putting all of the roots and affixes I want to share (from our CQLA curriculum) together for two days (rather than dividing them up in two entries). Feel free to print them off, give a sheet to each of your kids, tape it on the fridge, work on a root or affix a week…however it can help you or your kids/students.

    (a) GEN--birth, race, kind                                                              
 generous, generate, generation, geneology, gender    
b) DIC, DICT, DIT--tell, say, word
        dictate, verdict, edict, contradict, predict, diction, indict
    (c) SPEC, SPIC, SPIT--look, see
 perspective, aspect, spectator, spectacle, suspect     

d) SUPER, SUR, SUM--above
        surpass, summit, supersede, superstition
   (e) TENT, TENS, TEND, TENU--stretch, thin                                           
 tension, extend, tendency, tendon, tent, distend         

(f) TRANS--across
transfer, transient, transitory, transgress, transport
    (g) DOC, DUC, DAC--teach, lead                                         
          conduct, document, doctrine, induce, indoctrinate                    

 (h) CO, CON, COM-with, together
company, collaborate, comply, congruent,

(i)              VERS, VERT--turn                                                                      
 convert, revert, subvert, divert, diverse, extrovert, versatile          
(j) LOC, LOG, LOQU--word, speech
        eloquent, logic, apology, monologue, dialogue, prologue
    (k) SEN--feel, sense                                                                                  
  sensitive, sensation, consent, dissent, assent, sentiment  
(l) DE--away, down, off
denounce, defraud, decry, deplete, devoid, defile
    (m) NOM, NOUN, NOWN, NAM, NYM--name, order, rule
anonymous, nominate, renounce, renown, misnomer                                                      

(n) CLA, CLO, CLU--shut, close
          closet, enclose, disclose, include, conclude, seclude
    (o) VO, VOC, VOK, VOW--call                                                      
vocal, advocate, vocation, convoke, revoke, avow     
 (p) MAL--bad
          malicious, malady, dismal, malign, malevolent
    (q) FRA, FRAC, FRAG—break
fracture, fraction, fragment, fragile, frail, fractious                                                                                        

   (r) OB--against
          objective, obsolete, obscure, obstruct, obstinate
    (s) SUB—under
          submissive, subordinate, sublime, subtle, subversion                                                                                                        

(t) AB--from, away
 abandon, abhor, abstain, absolve, abstruse, abstract
    (u) GRESS, GRAD—step
progress, regress, gradual, digress, degrade, transgress                                                                       

 (v) SEC, SEQU--follow
          second, sequel, sequence, consequence, prosecute
     (w) PRO--much, for, a lot 
prolific, profuse, prodigal, prtracted, prodigy, propensity                                                                   

  (x) QUE, QUIS--ask, seek
           inquire, question, request, quest, query, acquire, querulous
     (y) SACR, SANCT, SECR—sacred
sacrifice, sanctuary, sanctify, sanction, consecrate                                                                   

 (z) SCRIB, SCRIP--write     
                     scribble, describe, script, prescribe, ascribe, inscribe
   (aa) PATHY, PAS, PAT--feeling               
          apathy, sympathy, empathy, antipathy, passionate                                  

 (bb) DIS, DIF--not
                                  disdain, dissuade, dismay, disparate, disparage
  (cc) CIRCU--around
circumference, circulation, circumstances, circumvent                                                            

 (dd) NON, UN, IN, AN, A--no or not
nonviolent, uncooperative, inappreciative, anonymous
  (ee) AD--to  
          adhere, adjective, addict, adverb

(ff) INFRA--below
 infrastructure, infraction, infrared, infra-bass
  (gg) AMBI—both
  ambidextrous, amibguous, ambition, ambivalent                                                                                

 (hh) EPI--on
 epidemic, epic, epitomy, episode

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