Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 31: prepositions that begin with vowels plus B

Many prepositions begin with the same letter. As a matter of fact, some handbooks list as many as fifty prepositions that begin with the letter A alone (though I think that is a stretch). The vowels A, I, O, and U are all fairly popular initial letters for prepositions, as is the letter B.

With or without your little toy and tissue tube from earlier in the week, try to write as many prepositions as you can think of that begin with the letters given below. Then join us tomorrow to see the many A, I, O, U, and B prepositions that fit into our “Birdie sentence.”

A—Birdie flew around the tube….

B—Birdie flew behind the tube…

I—Birdie flew inside the tube….

O—Birdie flew over the tube….

U—Birdie flew under the tube…

P.S. Don’t forget WHY you learn prepositions! See the links below for reminders.

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