Friday, February 4, 2011

day 34: two or more word prepositions

You have probably already noticed that many prepositions are made up of other words. That is, they have one preposition at the beginning and are followed by another preposition. Or they are compound words (like within).

This is another way to learn prepositions—by learning prepositions that are made up of two or more words.

For example, read the prepositions below—the first one of each set is a common preposition that you probably already know. The one(s) beneath that one is a preposition (or more) that is made from the top one.

  1. across
      *across from
  2. ahead
      *ahead of
  3. away
      *away from
  4. in
      a. into
      b. inside
      c. inside of
  5. on
      a. onto
      b. on top of
  6. out
      a. out of
      b. outside
      c. outside of
  7. to
      a. toward
      b. towards
  8. through
  9. under
10. up
      a. upon
      b. up to
11. with
      a. within
      b. without

Now put all that together, and you have learned many, many prepositions!

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