Saturday, February 5, 2011

day 35: prepositions then and than

We are almost finished with our preposition study--just in time to start tackling our sentence month of February! I thought I would address the prepositions then and than since they are both used as prepositions (at times--more on that in our "sentence study"!)--and since they are commonly confused with each other.

1. Means "next"
2. Used as a preposition: She is getting pizza first, then pop.
3. You will always use the correct then and than if you substitute "next" in your questionable spot--and if it fits, use "then": He is coming here then going to town. (Say--he is coming here next going to town--is that the use you meant--the one that shows chronology? If so, you need then.)
4. Remember thEn has an E and nExt has an e.

1. Means to compare
2. Used as a preposition: I would rather have pizza than tacos.
3. Only use than when you want to make a comparison.

"Tricky Trick to Help It Stick":

Substitute NEXT--if it almost fits (i.e. you are trying to show chronology), use THEN.

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