Sunday, February 27, 2011

day 53: action verbs

When you write sentences, you always use verbs! This is because each sentence must contain a verb. (Do you remember CAVES—Capital, All makes sense, Verb, End mark, Subject?)

The verb is the action or being of the sentence’s subject. It is what the subject is or does.

There are two main types of verbs:

        a. Action verbs
       b. Be, a Helper, Link verbs (a group of verbs we will learn containing being, helping, and linking verbs)

Action verbs are the most common type of verbs.

If the subject does something, the sentence has an action verb.


       a. The dog barked.
       b. The cat meowed.

The easiest way to find an action verb is to ask, “What did
the subject do?”


a. The girl smiled.
     1) What did the girl do?
     2) smiled

b. The boy ran.

   1) What did the boy do?
   2) ran

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