Sunday, February 13, 2011

day 41: sentence or not—pop quiz answers

Read the phrases below. Put an S beside the phrases that are
complete sentences and an N beside those that are not.

         1. A raccoon is an intelligent animal.    Sentence         


        2. He does not avoid danger.  Sentence           


        3. That he will go right into it.     Not a sentence        


        4. When a raccoon studies sounds, smells, and sights that are new to
him.     Not a sentence        


        5. Like tin cans and mirrors.     Not a sentence        


        6. One trap a trapper likes to set is called a mirror trap. Sentence

7. When he puts a trap in shallow water and ties a mirror to it. Not a sentence

8. When the light hits the mirror.    Not a sentence         


        9. When the raccoon sees the light.   Not a sentence          


       10. When he does, the raccoon’s paw becomes caught in the trap. Sentence

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