Wednesday, March 16, 2011

day 67: west or West?

Capitalization can be so tricky! Capitalize Susan in black-eyed Susan but not geraniums. Capitalize Mom in Tomorrow Mom is taking us to town. But not mom in Tomorrow my mom is taking us to town. Capitalize President when referring to a certain president but not mayor unless his or her name is with the word....agghgh.....

And so it is with compass directions!

Here's the run-down:

1. Capitalize a direction when it is referring to a specific location or place:
   a.We are going out West for vacation.
   b. My daughter is in South Carolina.
   c. She is moving out East.

2. Do not capitalize a direction when it is referrig to a compass direction:
   a. Turn west at the light.
   b. We live on the south side of the road.

Tricky huh? I'll give you a few more in days to come. Study hard! :)

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