Sunday, March 6, 2011

day 60: sorry to "inconvenience" you with my spelling! :)

What "language mishaps" have driven you crazy lately? Mine is how everybody puts up signs that say "Sorry for the inconvenience" without checking how inconvenience is spelled! Agghh.....surely it isn't that much of an "inconvenience" to look it up! :)

Others? Signs that have the following errors are recent ones:

1. It's when the person means its

2. "There going fast" instead of They're (say it uncontracted---they are...and you will know if you have the correct one!)

3. No mark between phrases to show that a phrase ended and another one started---

          Great Sale on
          Tires Get Your
          Oil Changed Today

Even this is better:

        Great Sale on
        Tires---Get Your
        Oil Changed Today

Enough complaining for tonight! Have a happily-correct grammar week!

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