Sunday, March 27, 2011

day 75: homework help week--helping kids learn sentence writing

Welcome to Homework Help Week at Language Lady 365! We are going to interrupt our regular posts to provide help to parents (and teachers) in helping their children/students with language arts, reading, writing, and grammar homework.

Roadmap for the week:

1. Starting with some reading help! Reading is the inverse of spelling in the same way that addition is the inverse of subtraction. Build a strong reading background, helping  your student to reach "reading fluency," and a love for learning, and you will go a long way way in helping him or her in language arts in general--and all learning eventually.

2. Then sentence writing, including...

a. Penmanship vs writing
b. Beginning sentence writing
c. Copy work
d. Reading and writing connection
e. Writing "from his brain" and from a source for little ones

Thanks for joining us!

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