Friday, March 25, 2011

day 73: send in the cavalry or calvary?

Another confusing word pair--cavalry and calvary. And yes, we will see them written incorrectly over the next few weeks as Easter approaches! How can you differentiate between the two in this Wacky Word pair?

As a Christian, I have a unique way of remembering calvary and cavalry--see it helps you!

1. Cavalry--

a. A group of miliary people
b. We often say, "Send in the cavalry" to indicate help is needed
c. I remember this by remembering that the V comes before the L---Victory comes first if the cavalry comes caValry.

2. Calvary--

a. The hill on which Jesus was crucified
b. I remember this by remembering that the L comes before the V--Calvary denotes Love--CaLvary

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